INDIAN HILLS, Colo. (KDVR) — A trend that has increased in the last few years is more women taking up the sport of hunting. Two professional hunters in the Denver metro area have been teaching women the skills required to take to the field.

Usually, when up-and-coming country music artist Miller Campbell puts on makeup, it’s to be seen. Monday, her face was covered in camouflage paint so she can blend in. 

Campbell is one of many women who are taking to the field and learning to hunt. 

“It was COVID. I was home, I was not touring full-time anymore, and I just started hiking around everywhere. I live up near Glacier National Park,” Campbell said.

That hiking around led her to Donnelle Johnson and Lisa Thompson, who call themselves the Huntndivas.

“All day long we are pursuing the wild and the outdoors trying to have new encounters for ladies and to help ladies experience that for the first time,” Johnson said. “Being professional hunters we wanted to give back in some way so we saw a need for it.”

Johnson and Thompson say more and more women are taking to the field, in pursuit of everything from turkeys to elk, but knowledge is key, and that is where the Huntndivas come in.

“Girls will ask for help and they are not afraid to raise their hand I think they are phenomenal hunters,” Johnson said. “It’s so great having those capable skills and just know that all the confidence it brings you even if hunting ends up not being your thing, just knowing you can take care of yourself.”

Turkey calling may sound funny to some, but it is music to Campbell’s ears.