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DENVER (KDVR) — A hunter was shot and killed by another hunter in Dolores County in far southwest Colorado.

“We didn’t know what to expect. We were told there was someone who had a gunshot wound,” said Seth O’Donovan.

O’Donovan and Jenn Vinson are both part of the West Fork Volunteer Fire Department in Dolores County, about a 7-hour drive from Denver.

“There’s a lot of hunting traffic up here during this time,” O’Donovan said.

The victim in this shooting was identified by Dolores County Sheriff’s investigators as Gregory Gabrisch of Texas. He was a bowhunter.

The suspect, Ronald Morosko, is from Pennsylvania. He was hunting with a rifle.

“It’s the time of hunting season where bow season and muzzle season overlap,” O’Donovan explained.

Investigators provided no details on the circumstance of the shooting that happened on Friday.

“Our wilderness area is really expansive,” O’Donovan said.

O’Donovan told FOX31 a search party spent 10 hours looking for a man reportedly shot.

“When we found him, he had deceased,” O’Donovan said.

A photo was snapped of food being sent to search crews.

“We were able to fly those into the actual crews that were up on the mountain searching to get them fed and fueled,” Vinson said.

Ultimately, the death of a hunter at the hands of another isn’t common around those parts.

“Injuries and altitude issues are very common but something like this is not,” Vinson said.

With hunting an attraction to this region, locals are reminding visitors to stay on their guard.

“Just please be safe. Be aware of your surroundings, know that we are a high-altitude area,” Vinson said.

Dolores County Sheriff’s investigators arrested Morosko after the incident. He’s been charged with criminally negligent homicide.