ROUTT COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Routt County Search and Rescue says crews rescued a hunter last week who was impaled by a lost arrow.

RCSAR said the incident happened after a hunter traveled off trail. The arrow was presumed to have been released earlier in archery hunting season.

The injured hunter was rescued by a medical helicopter. The hunter’s condition has not been released.

RCSAR said this is the second time a hunter has been impaled by a lost arrow in the last two years in Routt County.

“While we know that it is not always feasible, bow hunters should make every effort possible to find a lost arrow as the razor sharp broadheads pose a very real risk to any humans or animals who may pass through the area in the future. Things like using an illuminated nock, adhering strips of reflective arrow wrap or fletching brightly colored vanes can increase your chances of finding a stray arrow,” RCSAR said.

Lighted nocks were legalized in Colorado in 2015.

Last month, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said an archery hunter was charged, gored, and trampled by a moose after taking a shot at it with a bow and arrow and missing.