HUDSON, Colo. (KDVR) — Residents in Hudson say they don’t take clean water for granted.

The town’s water service was interrupted on Sunday and Monday because of problems at the Fort Lupton water treatment facility, resulting in a boil water warning.

“We boiled water for cooking and making coffee,” Steve Miller told FOX31.

Town Manager Bryce Lane said the boil water warning was issued on Sunday after mechanical issues at the Fort Lupton water treatment plant caused a loss of pressure in the town’s drinking water system.

Any water used for drinking, food preparation, cooking, infant care or personal hygiene had to be purified until officials could collect and test water samples.

Hudson boil water warning shuts down restaurant

The family-owned Carniceria La Mexicana meat market and restaurant at 751 Main St. draws customers from as far away as Colorado Springs. The business has been open for more than 20 years, but its doors were closed this week.

“We had to shut down for two days waiting for them to figure out what was going on, so we lost customers,” Kris Rosales said.

Residents gathered at a town hall meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss the problem.

“It is an inconvenience, but the larger inconvenience is how often that happens. We’re hoping that they get it addressed here,” Miller said.

Final test results confirm the water is now safe for consumption, and the system’s water pressure is now within a normal range. But residents will need to run their water for a few minutes to clear any remaining air out of the pipes.

Fort Lupton staff will monitor the system around the clock to identify any additional problems.

Updates are available on the town of Hudson’s website and on the town’s social media page.