DENVER (KDVR) — There are buildings in the United States that are destined for demolition because, it is said, they have no purpose to exist. One such building, a restaurant on East Colfax in Denver, was almost demolished. Almost.

Denver architect Josh Robinson is also president of DOCOMOMO: documentation, conservation of the modern movement. He likes cool old buildings.

Tom’s Starlight on East Colfax, a restaurant and bar, quickly became his favorite project.

”It was right up my alley. And it gave me something that I could really dig my teeth into,” Robinson, Kephart Architects’ senior project designer, said.

What is now Tom‘s Starlight began as White Spot diner in 1967. Tom Macina bought it in 2003, when it became known as Tom’s Diner. It was almost demolished.

”We were looking at doing stories of apartments at this site. He was ready to, he put his time in, and gosh, he was ready for retirement,” Robinson said.

Demolition, however, was not in Starlight’s stars, and now it is the brand new, and vintage, Tom’s Starlight.

Designer Angie Graham’s job was lighting, color and furniture.

”Bringing in the original purple from the purple booths that existed before. There was orange, and then the avocado green. So then bringing it all together and then making this custom carpet, I love it,” Graham, Compliment Design interior designer, said.

Tom‘s Starlight is now on the list of National Historic Landmarks. That means it cannot be torn down, ever, which is good news to Robinson, who used to dine here himself in the 1970s.

And that, he says, is worth preserving.