DENVER (KDVR) — The end of the ski season is fast approaching, though some ski shops say rentals are still in high demand.

“It’s surprising to me the amount of rental in early April,” Bob Sullivan, the store manager of Christy Sports Ski and Patio said. “And surprising the amount of people from out of town coming in.”

For those still trying to squeeze in their last few runs on the slopes, here are some tips on properly storing your ski gear:

Make sure gear is dry, and stored in a dry place — do not store gear in warm temperatures, such as a cargo carrier on top of your car. Also, buckle boots to ensure they don’t lose their shape.

Sullivan recommends regular tune-ups each season to keep your gear working its best.

“It’s important to keep the bases waxed and the edges sharped so you’re able to stop when you need to stop and turn when you want to carve a turn,” Sullivan said. “Dull edges obviously don’t allow you to do that very easily.”

As for the best time of year to buy gear, experts say the end of the season and preseason can offer the best deals. Christy Sports Ski and Patio’s best sale is over Labor Day, Sullivan said.