DENVER (KDVR) — A disabled veteran targeted by an employment scam running on Facebook Marketplace is coming forward to warn others who may fall for the scheme.

“The thing that caught me on this one was it was well done,” Darrell Killmer said.

The scam offers remote work under the name of a major corporation and features a fake picture of a so-called executive. Unlike many other scams initiated from other countries, this posting is void of misspelled words and phrases using awkward grammar.

“It just said message me if you’re interested,” Killmer said.

The interview process featured basic questions about Killmer’s remote work experience and the type of internet service he used. Killmer was quickly offered the job and then asked to provide a copy of both sides of his identification through the Telegram app.

“I said I don’t feel safe sending that over an app, over a chat. I said ‘Do you have an email?’ and the response was, ‘No, it’s secure,’” Killmer said, who then ceased to communicate with the scammer.

Facebook provides warnings about scams and tips on how to protect your account.

Red flags include being asked for fees in advance to receive a loan or prize, being approached by people claiming to be a friend or relative in an emergency, and anyone asking you to move the conversation off of Facebook.

Killmer said it’s important to consider that if a deal or offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

“If something in your mind, when you’re doing this, goes ‘It doesn’t feel right,’ go with that gut feeling,” he said.

Consumer protection experts told the Problem Solvers that you can avoid becoming a victim by using traditional employment agencies.

Never provide personal information without checking out the company first by looking up the number yourself. Profile pictures can usually be verified with a reverse image search.