DENVER (KDVR) – Thanks to recent snowstorms and record-breaking stretches of low temperatures across the region, residents should now be keeping an eye out for evidence of tiny little home invaders considered by many to be pests.

The first half of January is typically the coldest chapter of the year. It’s when critters from outside decide they’ve had enough of the winter conditions and seek warmer temps, which typically reside where your heaters are hard at work.

“Rats and mice prefer nesting in a warm building, with protection and abundant nesting material,” experts over at Cascade Pest Control said. “However … mice are often active, even under snow, during the winter.”

How to prevent winter rodent, rat and pest infestation

To combat this annual invasion, pest control aficionados with The Pest Dude have comprised a concise list of tips to arm yourself with:

  • Starting with your home’s exterior, make sure all of your tree limbs are at least 3 feet from your roof line, as this is a difficult distance for a rodent to cover with just a jump.
  • Inspect your vents for any unwanted residents.
  • Eradicate all debris piles, both outside and inside the home.
  • Be selective when doing so, but consider introducing natural predators to your home.
  • Install repellents that disturb an animal’s sense of security so much so that they decide to relocate.
  • Seal all rodent-sized entryways into the home.

These habits aren’t solely for homeowners. If you are running a business, you can use these same suggestions to keep your premises pristine and clean.

“Rodents, above all other pests, are a public health concern as they can cause considerable damage to both residential and business premises,” owner of The Pest Dude Zachary Smith said.

As winter’s crunch time rolls on, be sure to adopt habits like these to ensure a lack of rodents is in your forecast.