How to protect your plants during the Colorado heat wave

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DENVER (KDVR) — Triple-digit heat is hitting Colorado just in time to ruin many spring planting projects, but there are ways to protect your investment.

While some plants like geraniums and petunias are bred to deal with heat, others are more delicate and need extra protection.

Trela Phelps of City Floral, which has been in business for 110 years, tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers that the key to protecting your plants and flowers is to monitor them closely.

“We fluctuate about 30 degrees, so they really have to adjust to that,” she said.

Phelps emphasizes that plants should not be watered too often, even in severe heat.

“Sometimes we compensate and we want to water morning, noon and night, and what we really need to do is saturate plants in the morning, let them dry out a snitch then water them again” she said.

During the high temperature season, it’s a good idea to provide shelter for plants in direct sunlight using cardboard or cloth.

But Phelps warns: “We want to shade plants but not cover them. If we cover them for any length of time, then they’ll burn, because they’ll just heat up”.

Potted plants can be moved into shaded areas.

If you choose to replant during the summer season, consult your garden store about the best type of plants for the type of sunlight you get in your yard or on a balcony.

For more information visit City Floral Garden Center.

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