DENVER (KDVR) — A major monsoon surge will arrive in Colorado on Thursday and Friday. The Pinpoint Weather Team says flash flooding will be possible

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says it is important to prepare your home now and take extra precautions when flooding is predicted where you live.

How to prepare your home ahead of time

Here are some things you can do now to prepare your home:

  • Elevate and anchor your utilities
  • FEMA says you should waterproof your basement by installing a water alarm and maintain a working sump pump, as well as install a battery-operated backup pump in case of power failure
  • Keep your gutters clear of any debris to avoid accumulation of water
  • If flooding is predicted or imminent, FEMA says you should move your furniture and valuables to a safe place, like an attic or the highest floor of your home.

Things to do when flooding is possible

  • Check to see if your homeowner’s insurance covers flooding
  • Check FEMA’s flood map service center to see what if your home is in a risk area
  • Inventory the things inside of your home by taking photos of all major household items and valuables
  • FEMA said you should store important documents by saving copies of birth certificates, passports, medical records, and insurance papers in a safe, dry place. Keep original documents in a watertight safety deposit box

FEMA said it has a national flood insurance program that offers policyholders who purchase a standard flood insurance policy coverage to protect themselves against flood loss.

The policy covers up to $1,000 toward the purchase of supplies and labor to protect your insured property from the imminent threat of flood, and $1,000 to relocate insured property away from the described location to protect it from flood waters, according to FEMA.

Bookmark these tools to keep them handy for when you need them:

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