DENVER (KDVR) — More hot temperatures are in store for the metro area, but that’s not fooling Mother Nature.

Landscaping experts said now is the time to prepare your lawn and garden for fall.

The first thing to do is take a look around, take stock of what you already have and decide which plants can transition.

“The most popular plant right now is probably the garden mum,” Hannah Lucey of City Floral Garden Center said.

Pansies are colorful and adaptive, especially in cooler temperatures. Another good choice is kale, which comes in many beautiful varieties. Denver Daisies are plentiful and add a pop of color.

Lucey advises homeowners to consider which direction their lawns and gardens face before deciding on which flowers to plant.

“Usually western exposure is a little bit hotter,” she said.

Monitor the weather closely and make sure your lawn, trees and flowers receive the moisture they need.

“It’s still important to water especially when we’re going through a heat wave like this,” Lucey said.

As Colorado’s weather shifts, homeowners should keep sheeting or plastic on hand to protect plants and shrubs. Even if you’re xeriscaping, make sure the plants you do have get enough water.