DENVER (KDVR) — With subzero temperatures on the way, experts say there are a number of things you should do to prevent problems in your home.

No one wants burst pipes. Teddy Mendez with Mighty Plumbing and Heating says in those temperatures it’s important to keep your faucets running at just a drip and to leave your cabinet doors open under the sink so warm air can get in.

“Now that we are about to hit zero, negative, that’s when it’s really dangerous,” Mendez said.

He says to keep your thermostat at or above 65 degrees and make sure that pipes near an exterior wall are properly insulated.

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The most common mistake he sees is people leaving their hose attached to the outdoor spigot.

“I do suggest to remove it because that causes a freeze on your hose bib, and it cracks inside your house which will cause thousands of dollars in damage,” Mendez said.

To keep your home as warm as possible, he suggests closing your curtains and turning on your fireplace if you have one.

He says to check windows and doors for drafts.

If you feel cold air coming in, you can buy foam insulation at your local hardware store to put around the windows. You can also buy a door sweep for under the door.