DENVER (KDVR) — It is normally hard for most trees to survive in the Denver metro area because they are not native to Colorado. Add to that a cold and dry winter and that has done heavy damage beyond repair. 

Arborist Jay Judd from Davey Tree has seen a few winters in his lifetime and knows how hard it can be for a tree when it snows.

“Between the mass of the thick limbs and the brittleness of the limbs they are snapping,” Judd said.

The Denver metro area is home to tens of thousands of trees, but most of them are not indigenous.

“Builders are bringing in trees to add green to the landscape. That helps cool down these neighborhoods. I mean it makes people happy to see green outside, it adds to the property values,” Judd said.

This year with consistently cold temperatures, your average tree is trying to stay healthy in your not-so-average winter. 

“It could end up having a health issue you just don’t know about,” Judd said.

Judd says in spite of the snow we have been getting lately, our trees are still very thirsty.

Judd offers up three top tips to keep your trees sap-happy:

  • Trim your trees any time of year and remove dead or unwanted branches.
  • Fertilize your trees.
  • Deep-root water your trees, especially in the wintertime.

What is good for the goose, meaning your trees, is good for the gander, meaning you.