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DENVER — Sprinkler service technicians across the Denver metro are busy this as homeowners have been calling to get their systems winterized ahead of the season’s first big cool down along the Front Range.

Every year — when meteorologists forecast freezing conditions — business floods in for sprinkler companies.

“You want to throw the phone out the window … you just can’t take all the calls,” said Ken Todd with Genesis Sprinkler Blowouts.

Monday, FOX31 tagged along with Todd as he winterized a sprinkler system at a home in Centennial. He says — currently — full blowouts are not required. But, for any above ground pipes, there is reason to be concerned.

“When they are predicting low 20s …then these can definitely break,” Todd said.

Todd recommended homeowners find the valve to turn off the water to the system. That valve is typically in a basement. Then, use a screwdriver to twist the petcocks open on the system’s exterior backflow preventer. Finally, open the drainage system in a basement, crawlspace or exterior control valve box. Allow the water to drain out.

Those unwilling or unable to follow the recommended steps might still be OK getting through a freezing night with a heavy blanket wrapped around exterior pipping. As winter gets closer, a complete blowout is necessary for almost any system.