DENVER (KDVR) — With more cold temperatures on the way and snow along the Front Range, many are packing auto shops looking for the right tires.

Experts told FOX31 that the kind of cold-weather tire you should purchase depends on how often and where you drive.

Pep Boys tire expert Zachary Alexander said that any driver choosing a severe weather tire should first consider size, speed rating, load index and tread type. Lifestyle, driving location and time spent traveling should also be considered.

“If you’re going up in the mountains constantly, definitely get that snow tire because the snow buildup in the mountains gets pretty heavy,” Alexander told FOX31.

If mountain travel during severe weather is not part of your lifestyle, all-season tires can provide convenience and value. To prioritize safety, carefully monitor road conditions and avoid driving in weather that may be too severe for the type of tires you have.

“They are great for light snow, light trips up in the mountains,” said Alexander.

Consumer Reports testing shows that snow tires deliver better grip to start in snow and stop on icy surfaces. Buyers should look for the mountain snowflake symbol stamped on the tire.

“If you’re a mountain dweller (use) snow tires, if you’re a city dweller as well (choose) all-season tires,” said Alexander.

Another thing to consider is your car or truck’s performance. If you don’t have all-wheel drive, you may want to compensate with a higher-performance tire.

Many shops are offering fall deals on both types of tires. Experts recommend removing snow tires at the end of each season to extend their performance.