DENVER (KDVR) — Beginning in 2024, Denver property owners will be charged an annual fee to fund the construction, reconstruction and repair of sidewalks. The city has created a tool that will estimate your fee based on your address.

Before November 2022, the construction and repair of Denver sidewalks was the responsibility of adjacent property owners. But after voters passed a citizen-led ballot initiative, formally called Ordinance 307 and Denver Deserves Sidewalks by supporters, the responsibility is now on the property owners who will be charged a fee.

According to the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, the fee will be charged in conjunction with the stormwater bill on a semi-annual basis.

Your fee is based on the linear feet of the property and street type. Some property owners will receive a 20% discount on their fee if they are located in a neighborhood that is a part of the city’s Neighborhood Equity and Stabilization program, or NEST.

How much will my sidewalk fee be?

The city of Denver has created a lookup tool that provides an estimate on your sidewalk charge for 2024.

All you have to do is type in your Denver address, and it will tell you your sidewalk segments, street type, linear feet, bill rate, total fee and if you qualify for the NEST discount.

For example, FOX31’s station address is 100 E. Speer Blvd. When that address is put into the lookup tool, it shows the four sidewalk segments that the station sits on: East 5th Avenue, East Speer Boulevard, North Lincoln Street and North Sherman Street.

The city of Denver has released a sidewalk fee lookup tool. This example is of the fee that will be charged for FOX31’s station located at 100 E. Speer Blvd.

From there, the tool provides the total fee for each segment. At the bottom, a total estimated annual sidewalk fee is listed, and FOX31’s is $2,896.91.

If you can’t find your address, you can use the Denver real property site to confirm the directionality of streets and your property parcel’s primary address.

Some properties will have a $0 fee because they do not have property frontage that is adjacent to public streets.

When will Denver sidewalks be fixed?

According to the city, the fees received from the annual charge will be placed in a fund and used to develop a master plan for a near and long-term strategy on how to repair sidewalks.

Once that master plan is finished, the work will begin based on community input.

Additional information, including a frequently asked questions panel, can be found on the city’s website.