Denver (KDVR) — With freezing temperatures heading into the metro, now is the time to get sprinklers blown out and winterized so that nothing freezes.

KDVR/KWGN Chief meteorologist Dave Fraser says it would be best to get it done by Thursday night.

Technicians with Mile-Hi Sprinkler are busy doing just that this week. Jeremy Koch is scheduled to complete 32 blowouts in one day.

One of his calls was at George Ray’s home in Denver.

“It’s part of life in Colorado,” Ray said.

Koch went inside the home to turn off the water for the sprinkler and drain the pipe. Then he came outside to connect the air compressor and blow out the system. It’s also a good idea to put a cover over the outside components, he said.

But what if you haven’t had time to schedule or complete a blowout by the weekend?

“The minimum they need to do is definitely wrap the vacuum breaker, which is the device on the side of the house, shut the water off downstairs and drain it,” Koch said.

Even residents without a sprinkler need to take action. People with outdoor hose spigots need to disconnect their hoses.

Residents don’t want their systems to freeze, break and flood in the freezing temperatures as water reacts to the environment.