DENVER (KDVR) — Even though most sports are just starting their seasons, Coloradans have been placing bets all year.

The Colorado Division of Gaming released September’s data on sports betting figures.

Sports betting has gone up almost 70% since August. That’s over $200 million.

Total sports wagers in September

These numbers come from the monthly statistics report for September 2023. All numbers in the thousands were rounded to make the numbers clearer.

  1. Football – Pro American: $157 million
  2. Baseball: $78 million
  3. NCAA Football: $70 million
  4. Tennis: $30 million
  5. Basketball: $24 million
  6. Soccer: $20 million
  7. Table tennis: $13 million
  8. MMA: $4 million
  9. Golf: $2 million
  10. Hockey – Ice: $2 million

The betting increase from August to September makes sense, as many fall sports kicked off in August and picked up in September. However, this year Coloradans still spent significantly more on sports betting.

Compared to September 2022, there was a 13.9% increase, which was over $60 million. Last September, a total of over $450 million was spent in Colorado on sports betting.

This September, Coloradans spent a total of almost $513 million on sports betting in the month alone.