AURORA, Colo. (KDVR)  — The current snowstorm’s forecast has cities and the Colorado Department of Transportation on high alert hoping to avoid a mess on roads and side streets.

FOX31 checked in with CDOT and cities around the metro to ask about staffing, preparations and plans of action on the roads. Ahead of bands of snow Tuesday, crews topped off plow trucks with salt piles and solution, preparing for a busy few nights and days ahead.

Aurora plow plans

“Trucks deployed tonight will be 42,” Aurora Streets Superintendent Mike Morgan said.

Morgan told FOX31 that those 42 plow drivers will be clearing roads for 12-hour shifts around the storm. They cover 1,500 lane miles in Aurora’s snow plan.

Not all residential roads are part of the snow plan, but Morgan said they won’t be ignored.

“For those residential areas that are not in the snow plan, we have been treating with granular, trying to help in the ways we can,” Morgan said. “It takes time to cut and haul ice away so we can at least treat those areas, and it also has a traction effect as well.”

Denver snowplow plans

In Denver, officials with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure say that large plows will work on main streets with stripes. Smaller plows, pick-up trucks, will focus on small neighborhood side streets. Denver does not put deicer down on residential areas, but crews will be working around the clock and after to clean up the roads.

“We’re definitely not taking any chances, we’re putting all our resources into it,” DOTI’s Nancy Kuhn said, adding, “Our drivers are going on 12-hour shifts and they’re going to stay out. We are anticipating several days will be needed.”

Englewood snowplow plans

Englewood sent FOX31 the following plans for the storm:

Englewood Public Works is currently planning for the upcoming snow event that will start later today (Tuesday). The National Weather Service is showing snow starting around 5-6 p.m. this afternoon and running through tomorrow. The current plan is to bring in the Public Works nightshift this evening to begin plowing/treating the roadways and continuing with 24-hour service. We will have 4 plows staffed and operational, plus 1 V plow ready for local roadways.  The V-shaped plow will be used for one pass if we receive 8 inches of snow or more.  

In coordination with the City Manager’s office, Parks, and Courts we will be initiating a delayed start/opening tomorrow of 10am for all City facilities.  Note the library remains closed at this time.   

You can find additional information here:

City of Englewood

CDOT snowplow plans

CDOT sent the following plans to FOX31:

  • Section 5 Snow Shift Update: Full snow shift starts at 4 p.m. Tuesday.  Maintenance activities will continue until the storm develops.
    • 80 plows will be out in the metro region 24/7 and another 30 plows on the I-70 mountain corridor from Golden to the EJMT Tunnel (many more plows statewide). 
    • We’ve pretreated major routes and troubled areas such as bridge decks and shaded areas in the metro region.
    • This storm is going to be heavy and wet, which will limit the amount of product being put out during heavy snow rates.
  • Once plowing begins, crews spread anti-icing materials to help break up the snow and ice. Even with the plowing and treatment, roads will be slick and driving conditions will be hazardous. 
  • Region 1 will surge trucks and products to the areas getting hit the hardest.
  • When it snows, crews focus on clearing and treating the interstates and major routes first such as I-25, I-70, I-270, I-225, C-470, I-76, US 285, US 6 and other major highways before moving to the secondary routes.
  • CDOT clears interstates, U.S. routes and state highways, but is not responsible for local streets and side streets.