BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — With consistent high winds blowing up and down the Front Range for three straight days, firefighters are on alert to respond across the area.

Over the past month, Boulder County has seen its fair share of wildfires, including the larger NCAR Fire and the smaller North Shanahan Ridge Fire that was quickly snuffed out.

“Our investigators on scene yesterday did report out that they don’t believe it was caused by power lines and there was also no evidence that it was caused by humans either,” said Marya Washburn with Boulder Fire-Rescue talking about the North Shannahan Ridge Fire.

The cause of the NCAR Fire is still under investigation.

On windy days, Washburn said their team will take extra steps to prepare.

“When we get a high-wind warning, our fire department staffs up their wildland engines specifically,” Washburn said. “Sometimes we’ll move them to different stations depending on where we think the risk is.”

Washburn said they may scale up the number of firefighters they have for specific wildland responses, and even in the absence of a high-wind warning or a red flag day, their wildland crews are constantly gauging the risks and talking to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration out of Boulder.