DENVER (KDVR) — At Kavod Senior Life in Denver, dinner begins at 4 p.m. sharp. 

In the dining room, Mildred Leonard and Ann Vacherot sit down next to each other, ready to discuss their days. The topic of discussion most days in January? The weather.

“For the last two weeks, did we ever get any clearing where they weren’t shoveling?” Vacherot asked. “I don’t think so.”

Vacherot is nearly 80 and doesn’t need to see the statistics to tell you this January has been one for the record books

“You know, I haven’t seen anything like that for a long time,” she said. “This last week has been a reminder of what winter can be and used to be.”

Coldest January in Denver since 1988

January in Denver will end as the 15th snowiest on record and the 17th coldest on record. In fact, it’s the coldest month in Denver since 1988.

That cold has kept snow around a bit longer than Coloradans are accustomed to, as well. At Denver International Airport, there was measurable snow on the ground for 28 out of 31 days.

Throughout the actual city, though, many will say they haven’t seen bare grass since 2022.

“I know they say March is the snowiest month, and I’m trying to figure out — how can it be any snowier than January?” Mildred Leonard said.

Leonard is 92 and said she can’t remember a January like this one. 

“This winter’s been really cold, and messy, and sloppy,” she said. 

Both Leonard and Vacherot say they’re ready to turn the page on the calendar, hopeful for more sunshine and warmer temperatures. 

“I’m wondering what February’s going to be like,” Leonard said. “That’s what I’m wondering about.”