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DENVER — A mother of four was found dead inside her downtown Denver apartment building and the man accused of stabbing her to death with a set of kitchen knives is now in jail.

One question about the homicide is how did Jeanna Leslie become friends with Terry Dunford?

“She was a very open person,” said Brittany Leslie, Jeanna’s oldest daughter. “She made friends with everyone.”

Brittany Leslie doesn’t know how her mother met Dunford, who’s a homeless man. She believes her mother probably ran into him outside her apartment building or on the 16th Street Mall sometime in the past couple of weeks.

“You can’t just trust everyone,” Brittany Leslie said. “It doesn’t matter who they are. It doesn’t matter where they come from.”

Brittany Leslie said Dunford took advantage of her mother and wanted to move into her apartment and bring a friend. But Leslie said her mother told Dunford no.

“She had opened up to her cousin about him, saying yeah, he had sent me threatening messages and we didn’t know about this,” Brittany Leslie said of her mother.

“We knew of him. We didn’t know he had threatened her beforehand.”

Despite that, the Denver Police Department said surveillance video shows Leslie and Dunford together, buying two six-packs of beer at Champa Street Liquor on the same day Leslie was killed.

“It’s just really upsetting,” Brittany Leslie said. “I wish she would’ve told us. I really do wish she would’ve showed us.”

If so, Leslie thinks her mother would still be alive and the man accused of killing her would’ve been out of her life.