DENVER (KDVR) — Denver City Council passed a bill Monday that updates parking rules in the city.

The updates were aimed to help “regulate and respond to evolving parking patterns and behaviors,” among other things, according to a bill description.

What changes for street parking rules in Denver?

Not all vehicles will be impacted by these changes in the same way. The majority of the updates are for large vehicles, trailers, vehicles with attached “recreational vehicles,” as well as so-called “junker” vehicles.

Large vehicles are now not allowed to park in an area for more than 2 hours in any 7-day period unless they are “actively engaged in services in the immediate area.”

These large vehicles now have to move 700 feet away, up from the previous rule of 100 feet, from where they used to be parked to avoid violating the law and potentially being towed.

The rules are similar for “recreational vehicles,” those designed to provide a place to dwell or sleep that are over 22 feet long, and trailers attached to vehicles. However, instead of the time limit being 2 hours, it is 24 hours in a 7-day period. These vehicles can also move 700 feet away to avoid being towed.

For “junker” vehicles, described as vehicles that cannot operate and are extensively damaged, among other things, it is now against the law to park them on the street for more than 24 hours.

Unlike the other vehicle types, junkers cannot move to avoid violating the law — they have to be removed from the road entirely or risk being towed.

An amendment approved Monday added a 48-hour extension if a vehicle fitting any of these three definitions is suspected of being used as a dwelling or a place to sleep.

What hasn’t changed?

None of the changes apply to “normal” vehicles that don’t fall into the other categories. Those still only need to be moved 100 feet, and the time limit is still 72 hours.

Also, all normal vehicles in violation cannot automatically be towed after the time period ends — there are still extra steps that may need to be taken before that happens.

The same goes for junkers. Before they are impounded, a notice that they will be towed in 24 hours will be put on the vehicle. If the owner can show the car works and is safe, it will not be towed.