DENVER (KDVR) — The aid provided to migrants who arrived in Denver this week was not ready to go at a moment’s notice. Instead, it was a team effort between the City of Denver and several nonprofit groups.

“We’re used to cooking a couple of thousand meals and delivering that every day, what’s another hundred?” Jon Ewing, of Volunteers of America, said.

VOA was part of the effort to feed more than 100 people brought to and left in Denver. The group already prepares food deliveries for Meals on Wheels, but their current role in the migrants’ aid is not something that can be sustained long term.

“You’re taking three people off the job they usually do,” Ewing said. “You’re asking other people to fill in and to fill that slack. So, it’s not something we could long term in that regard.”

How migrants are finding shelter, transit

Other organizations tag in to provide volunteers, meals, clothing and shelter to the folks who arrived in Denver. One of those groups is the American Friends Service Committee.

They help the migrants with intake, “in order to identify who is trying to rejoin a loved one somewhere else in the U.S. and who is trying to resettle here,” Jennifer Piper, from AFSC, said.

The AFSC said they have the resources to help these folks find a place to live as they start a new life.

“For now, the city and our effort, the Denver Welcome Center are able to pay for those flights if they can’t pay for themselves or those bus tickets, one way, to their loved ones,” Piper said.

Any donations to these groups would help fund the Colorado Hosting Asylum Network.

“To help pay for rent for apartments for families,” Piper said. “We usually try to do about a month to two months and after that, the family is responsible for paying rent.”