MORRISON, Colo. (KDVR) – Hot days are coming after plenty of wet weather, and now the thriving vegetation can become a fire danger.

“That means that the fuels have grown very rapidly, but in just a few days of hot, dry and windy weather, we can see those conditions change very, very quickly,” Inter-Canyon Fire Battalion Chief Daniel Hatlestad said.

All the green vegetation that is thriving after a wet spring can go brown and crispy, according to Hatlestad.

While fire danger might not be high now, he is reminding folks to literally not play with fire.

“Things like their charcoal grill or any activities outdoors: a chainsaw, an ATV, that can start a fire very rapidly,” Hatlestad said.

It’s an important reminder, not just for the safety of vulnerable communities, but for the people who keep us safe when disaster strikes.

“Firefighters on the line burn 6,000 to 8,000 calories a day and require a tremendous amount of fluids to maintain an appropriate level of hydration,” Hatlestad said.

Ahead of any increased fire danger, firefighters will train, get plenty of rest and hydration and stock up on those calories.

“That food can’t just be things like a snack bar,” Hatlestad said, “They need protein, as well as a balanced meal of carbohydrates and fats to ensure that they are appropriately functional in fighting fire.”

It’s an important time to remind folks to stay informed in case there is a fire. Officials say the best way that you can do that is by subscribing to your community’s emergency notification system.