LONGMONT, Colo. (KDVR) — The Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center is holding its most important annual fundraiser to keep the center operating.

Michele Bruhn knows the healing power of a horse. That is why she is the executive director of the oldest and largest therapeutic riding center in the state.

“We change the lives of people with disabilities through working with our horses and therapeutic riding and equine-assisted mental health programs,” Bruhn said.

Clients experience the healing relationship between person and animal.

“You are looking at folks with autism. You’re looking at people with anxiety, depression, you’re looking at people with ALS, CP, MS you’re looking at amputees, veterans, PTSD,” Bruhn said.

The Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center helps over 500 people every year. But a nonprofit like this does not pay for itself. Funds are needed for people in the saddle. That is where the annual Tales of Magic fundraiser gala comes in. 

“Our survival relies on this fundraiser. To raise the dollars necessary to care for all the horses, feed, hay, veterinarian support, and also it allows us to keep the lights on,” Bruhn said.

And to give the horses a well-deserved break as well.