LOUISVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) — Just on the cusp of a year since the Marshall Fire, one homeowner who lost everything has moved into her newly built home where her last home was destroyed.

“I saw pictures of the flames and the neighborhood burning,” Jessica Carson said.

She was home the day of the fire with her kids when they took their cats and evacuated. She said she didn’t know what they would be coming home to, so she walked to the house and saw everything was gone.

“I sat on a flagstone and saw what was left and just started to cry,” Carson said.

Right away she knew she wanted to return to that lot and rebuild. So, she reached out to Wood Brothers Homes to get the ball rolling.

“I texted them probably while my house was still burning,” Carson said.

The home finished Friday and Carson and her kids were able to move in.

“It was sit down and cry or push forward and start making decisions,” Carson said.

Every home in the Cornerstone neighborhood was a complete loss.

“Everyone deals with tragedy differently and if it wasn’t for the community, we wouldn’t be here,” Carson said.  

She knows now some of her neighbors are coming back and starting to rebuild on their lots as well.

“The neighborhood is going to look so different but I’m excited,” Carson said.  

While the home was being built she said they rented a home in Longmont.