DENVER (KDVR) — A local homeowner is fighting for her safety living next to an RTD bus stop that she said has become a nightmare. 

Along Colorado Boulevard, by Bruce Randolph Avenue, people have made themselves comfortable at a bus stop just feet from what should be Gwendolyn Kasnoff’s safe space.

“People sleep on top of it. They jump, they climb up on it,” Kasnoff said. “They urinated on my fence, they defecate in my yard. This isn’t how people are supposed to live in Denver.”

Kasnoff has lived at her home for a year. She was excited to stop renting and have a place to own in Denver County.

“But then I started to hear the fighting and hear the drug talk and hear, you know, just so many things that were very disturbing,” she said.

Her home camera has captured some of the daily and nightly disturbances: music blaring from the stop before 8 a.m. and late at night. 

Then, earlier this month, Kasnoff captured a picture of a box of live bees thrown at her from the bus stop while she was in her yard.

“I had a box of live bees thrown at me about a shoe size box and the queen was still in there. And when the bees hit the ground, they just went everywhere,” she said. “It’s just horrible. It really is. And I’m concerned for my own safety now.”

The Regional Transportation District shared the following response with FOX31 Problem Solvers:

RTD is aware of the complaints and has dispatched transit police and security personnel to the bus stop numerous times, as requested by the adjacent homeowner.

RTD has also been working with the city and county of Denver to try and address the problems. 

Due to jurisdictional allowances, it is also important to note that RTD Transit Police is not able to process arrests or cite individuals for criminal behavior at this location. 

RTD has requested support and assistance from the Denver Police Department.

Denver Police Department also shared the following statement:

Denver Police officers have been in contact with her about her concerns. 

The Denver Police Department is working in collaboration with RTD and homeless outreach resources to address her concerns.

Kasnoff feels the safety issue needs to be resolved by shutting down the stop.

“My goal is to have this bus stop removed,” she said. “It’s a haven. It’s a clubhouse. I really want to make this a safe space, not just for myself, but for the kids that live next door and the kids that live across the street.”