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LAKEWOOD, Colo. — The fiery crash on Interstate 70 may not have been the first time “homeless hero” Darin Barton saved people from a crash, a Lakewood woman told FOX31 on Monday.

Valerie Blease said that Barton also helped her get to safety when she was injured in an accident in the same area two years ago.

“He said get out of the car it’s smoking and even at that point I was like what?” Blease said.

Blease said he seemed to come out of nowhere. She says she recognized the man now dubbed a “homeless hero” and said “I wasn’t surprised at all.”

Barton has been featured on FOX31 and gained instant respect for his willingness to help victims without considering his own safety.

Blease expressed her thanks to Barton by saying, “Darin, I can’t thank you enough for being there when you have to be, we’re running out of heroes…there are good people out there no matter what their situation.”

Since Barton shared his story with FOX31, generous donors came out in force and we received several thousand of dollars in donations on an Amazon Wish List we started to help him.