GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) – Interstate 70 could see bumper-to-bumper traffic starting Saturday morning.

Travel experts shared what to expect on the roads, as well as when and where to gas up.

“There are going to be crowds, there’s going to be traffic. There might be delays up to double what you’d expect in some areas,” Skyler McKinley, with AAA Colorado, said.

It’s a matter of fact that when people have a longer weekend, they’re also hitting the roads.

According to AAA, travel within and through Colorado could be a perfect storm this holiday weekend, with gas prices as high as they’ve been, locals might choose to stay within the state.

Meanwhile, Colorado maintains its place as one of the top destinations for people, around the country, to visit on holidays.

“That’s a trend that started during the pandemic. Denver first hit that list in 2020 and stayed on that list in 2021,” McKinley said.

AAA warned that a lot of destinations across the state could see record crowds.

“Hanging Lake is going to be busy, look for Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park to be very, very busy,” McKinley said.

How much you pay for gas will depend on where you fuel up.

“There’s going to be massive price differentials between what we pay where there’s a lot of supply, a lot of demand, a lot of competition, for example in Denver versus along the I-70 corridor,” McKinley explained.

AAA Colorado added that you should make sure you check your tires and the age of your battery before a trip that could land you in traffic.

According to AAA, flats and dead batteries make up a majority of their calls for roadside services on busy travel weekends.