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DENVER (KDVR) — After years of sitting vacant, the 90-year-old former women’s dormitory on the Loretto Heights campus is now being remodeled for residential use.

Commercial developer James Hartman got the idea four years ago from a Sheridan City Council member.

“Councilwoman Sally Daigle from the city of Sheridan came up and asked us to get involved in Loretto Heights,” said Hartman.

Hartman liked the idea.

“We get a chance to provide unique affordable housing. We also restore an important community building, and we catalyze the whole redevelopment of the 70-acre Loretto Heights campus,” he said.

Called Pancratia Hall, named after Mother Pancratia Bonfils, it originally was a gym, classrooms and the women’s dorm.

The plan now is to build 74 apartment units inside Pancratia Hall, to be occupied by February 2022.

“They do not need to be rich to live in the building, so people that are below the area median income can rent units in the building,” said Grant Bennett, founder of Proximity Green.

The space inside is as unique as the history itself.

“There is an entire process that just helps to preserve the things that are important but make it a modern building,” said Bennett.

Consideration was also taken to respect the collegiate and gothic style of the building. For example, the future four-bedroom apartment that once was the original chapel.

“You will know you live in the chapel, you will know you live in the gymnasium, you will know you live in the ballroom,” said Hartman.

And you will also know that you are living in a building that will continue to make history.