GUNNISON COUNTY, Colo. (KREX) — When Charlie Pearce, Courtney Begly and their backpacking friends went on their yearly excursion, they were prepared. They didn’t expect to be rescued, but the Lowline Fire in Gunnison County quickly changed their plans.

One of the women was able to share their location via a satellite device with her husband who, in turn, contacted authorities. Deputies were given a description of the women and their exact location was determined. An aerial rescue wasn’t possible so firefighters went in on rugged terrain in a side-by-side to get them.

The moral of this story is to be prepared. These backpackers were prepared and they knew the general area. They planned out their hiking route in advance, and they have a crucial third piece of advice.

Charlie Pearce shared, “Don’t rely on your device to get you out. They’re great, make sure you take a [satellite] device with you because they’re great for coordinates. They’re great for getting the emergency out, but make sure somebody at home is also going to get that message and that they know how to call 911 and what information to give them like what you’re wearing [or] where you’re at.”