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LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) – Springtime is beautiful in Colorado, but it is also the beginning of rattlesnake season. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is sharing tips with hikers to help minimize the chance of an encounter.

Roxborough State Park is about as pretty as it can get on an early spring morning. But be warned, in these beautiful red rocks, in the grasses and in the bushes, lies a potential threat – venomous snakes.

“This is the time of year when the rattlesnakes are out in the daytime when we are out because they like to be in temperatures that fall within this comfort zone with us as well,” CPW species conservation coordinator Tina Jackson said.

The first consideration is to dress for the occasion.

“I always recommend wearing long pants. Wear closed-toe shoes because snakes live on the ground so we want to make sure that anything we have below the knee is going to be protected,” Jackson said.

Once you have dressed for success, you need to watch where you are going.

“Watch where you are putting your feet, watch where you are putting your hands. If you want to touch this rock, make sure there is nothing on it or around the rock,” Jackson said.

Venomous snake-related deaths in Colorado are rare, but bites do occur and you can become very ill.

“The most important piece in your safety kit is your cell phone. Get to a spot where you have cell service, and stay calm,” Jackson said.

As much as you like to take your dog everywhere you go, just remember dogs love to poke their noses in just about everything.