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HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (KDVR) — A number of parents in Highlands Ranch have been told to take down yard signs honoring their high school seniors. 

Those signs, which read “Highlands Ranch Senior Class of 2021,” were passed out by the school in the fall, as students were in remote learning. 

But for an estimated 30,000 homes in the Highlands Ranch Community Association, those signs are against the rules.

Andy Rau found out in the mail Friday night, with a letter from the HOA ordering him to take down the sign. 

“I was kind of sad to see that,” he says. “I feel something like this should continue. COVID’s not over for the kids in school.”

Records show the HOA relaxed those restrictions in September, “to encourage community messages during times when in-person communications should be lifted.” 

Last week, the association rescinded those changes

The Problem Solvers reached out to the association Saturday night, and a spokesperson said they will allow the signs to remain.

“Since the start of COVID in 2020 we have seen an onslaught of temporary yard signs and have allowed them due to circumstances and limitations stemming from the pandemic.

In January we began receiving an increasing number of complaints from residents about these signs and the extended use of them. In February we began to address these concerns as required to do so by our guidelines, as temporary signs are not allowed. Subsequently we have found that some of these guidelines are not reflective of current times, so we will be suspending this regulation temporarily while we address these concerns and review our current policies.”

Highlands Ranch Community Association spokesperson

Rau is hoping he’ll be able to keep his up until graduation. 

“Graduation day is May 19, so leave it up to that point,” he says. “In the meantime, it’s still a sign of hope for the kids.”