LONETREE, Colo. (KDVR) — It’s not just back to school for families and teachers, but also tutors. Plus, they are in high demand if you are looking for a job.  

A local tutoring company said their busy season is right at the start of the school year through October, so if you are thinking about being a tutor as a side gig or full time now is a good time to do so.   

“A lot of our other companies during the pandemic have switched away from in-person and solely online, that has increased demand on us as well because we are still working in that manner and especially on the elementary level. That’s huge, I have no idea how someone can do kindergarten online,” said Gregor Avison, an educational consultant.  

Due to high demand, Tutor Doctors hired 40 new tutors over the summer.  

“This summer was busier than usual for the past two years, mostly due to covid. We’ve been pretty much double and tripling the business mostly because of the giant need,” said Avison.  

Being hired as an independent contractor has its perks, like tax deductions.  

“Especially if you have employment income, then you have side gig income. It helps balance your taxes and you make all your money,” said Avison.  

As a tutor at Tutor Doctors, you can make between $20 to $30 an hour but it’s not just the money that’s rewarding. 

“As an educator, they love working one on one. Look at how much a huge difference I can make to this one person’s life,” said Avison.