LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) — William Berglin, 18, is a regular at the McDonald’s restaurant on West Eisenhower in Loveland. The senior at Thompson Valley High School was there last week when he found himself in the middle of an emergency situation.

“Just eating and a dude comes out of the bathroom and says someone should call 911, there is a dude who has turned blue and unconscious on the ground, and I stepped up and said, ‘I’m an EMT,'” Berglin said.

Berglin had just been certified the week before. He went in and found the man, who was not breathing, with drug paraphernalia nearby.

“The person who actually found him had Narcan in his car, so he went to get the Narcan, I administered it, and then they put 911 to my ear,” Berglin said.

He performed CPR until first responders arrived, and the man survived.

On Wednesday, those first responders joined school staff and the owner of the McDonald’s to celebrate Berglin’s actions.

Berglin will graduate from high school this weekend, and this experience confirms his life plan. He is currently looking for a job as an EMT.

“My goal as an EMT is just to help people,” he said.