DENVER (KDVR) — If you need to head to the pump to fill up your car on Monday, it is going to cost you more money than it did last week.

The average price for a gallon of regular fuel in Colorado is $3.57, which is up 13 cents from last week, according to AAA.

Current Avg.$3.578$3.932$4.227$4.143
Yesterday Avg.$3.579$3.932$4.219$4.149
Week Ago Avg.$3.444$3.795$4.084$4.131
Month Ago Avg.$3.828$4.202$4.484$4.550
Year Ago Avg.$3.951$4.285$4.584$4.898
AAA, April 17, 2023

The national average for a gallon of regular fuel is at $3.67, which is up 7 cents since last week.

Why could prices keep rising?

AAA said that drivers will likely see rising prices at the pump due to the cost of oil rising.

“When the cost of crude oil crosses the $80 a barrel mark, that puts a lot of upward pressure on what we pay at the pump,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson, “and as long as oil costs remain at the current level, drivers will likely see incremental price increases for now.”

Where are the cheapest gas prices?

Here is a look at the 10 cheapest places to get a regular gallon of fuel in the state as of 8 a.m. Monday, according to GasBuddy:

  1. Circle K– Parker (Parkerhouse Road): $2.89
  2. Shell– Westminster: $2.98
  3. Conoco– Lakewood: $2.99
  4. Murphy Express– Lakewood: $3.03
  5. Shell- Lakewood: $3.03
  6. Loaf ‘N Jug– Parker: $3.03
  7. Murphy Express– Aurora: $3.04
  8. Costco– Arvada: $3.04
  9. Costco– Aurora: $3.04
  10. Sam’s Club– Arvada: $3.04

The lowest price for a gallon of regular gas in Colorado is $2.89.