DENVER (KDVR) – To some, it’s been a topic of discussion reserved solely for the grizzly and gruff, but following the recent release of a pristinely trimmed study, both beard-havers and have-nots from across Colorado can now weigh in on regional stances regarding facial hair fashion.

The month leading into December carries the nickname “No Shave November,” which is a reference to the month-long preserving of the hair that grows from one’s face.

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With the colder months comes a need to bundle up, and for those capable of cultivating a natural face warmer, known alternatively as a beard or mustache, November is the month for building your facial hair’s wintry foundations.

Experts over at StyleSeat, realizing that there are differences in approaches to this follicle-focused art form, have broken down the favorite beard and mustache style that the residents of each state hold aloft and which ones that belong in a clog in the drain of your sink.

Where Colorado’s facial hair loyalties lie

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When it comes to the national consensus, StyleSeat’s study revealed that the most popular beard styles are as follows:

  • The Goatee
  • The Full Beard
  • Mutton Chops
  • Chin Straps

Coloradans didn’t veer too far from the median on this vector with full beards winning the most popular beard style for the Centennial State.

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According to the national consensus, the most popular mustache styles are:

  • English
  • Pencil
  • Lampshade

Coloradans again stuck with the pack regarding the style of facial covering that naturally forms just above the average male mouth. The study showed that the state’s favorite style was English.

There is a wide array of occurrences that could lead to the loss of your facial hair during the time of year when it’s needed most.

So, for those of you maintaining your beard, mustache or patch of soul, be sure to keep your trimmer charged, your facial hair hydrated and always be ready to provide “beard-motional support” for those still striving to join the non-shaving masses this November.