DENVER (KDVR) — People spent how much money at Red Rocks last year? The iconic music venue hosted 217 ticketed events in 2022, and the venue’s revenue hit the millions.

BBC Research & Consulting released the first-ever economic study from the 2022 Red Rocks Amphitheatre concert season and looked at its economic effects across the Denver metro area and the entire state.

With over 200 events totaling more than 1.5 million attendees from just last year, Red Rocks contributed hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity with tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue.

The venue isn’t huge — it only holds 9,525 people. In comparison, Empower Field at Mile High holds over 75,000 fans and Ball Arena holds 21,000 people for a concert.

Despite its relative size, it takes more than a few hundred people to run a show at Red Rocks.

“There will be 400 people working on-site each show, but there are literally thousands of jobs across the region supported by what happens at Red Rocks,” venue manager Tad Bowman said in a release.

Last year, the venue supported more than 7,000 jobs including entertainment, restaurant, food and beverage, accommodations, tourism and transportation, which generated $216 million in payroll in the Denver metro area and an additional $6 million statewide, according to the analysis.

At Red Rocks alone, $186 million was spent in gross sales, including $40 million in gross concessions revenue.

Breaking it down, that’s 1,006,274 malt beverages, including more than 400,000 seltzers. There were also 111,800 hot dogs sold at the venue.

Including Red Rocks and all of Colorado, the total economic output across the region hit $717 million last year, according to the research firm.

While Red Rocks hosts less than 10,000 people for an event, thousands of workers and millions of dollars are put into the economy across the state.