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DENVER (KDVR) – A recently released study revealed which cities are the most prolific when it comes to producing professional athletes.

Despite a separate research effort that ranked Colorado among the top seven healthiest states in the country, those in the Centennial State may need to consider making some changes to their training regiments.

Researchers leading this study ranked the top 30 cities that have produced the most professional sports players per capita. Searching for the best of these cities also, unfortunately, unearthed which regions were less focused on making it to the professional level.

In order to arrive at this regionally disheartening assumption, NY.Bet studied data from the Sports Reference basketball, baseball, football and hockey player databases, tabulating the birthplaces of 50,000 professional athletes as far back as the late 1800s.

So with that in mind, brace yourself for the results of this revealing study.

Where Colorado ranks among the top professional athlete-producing states

Neither Colorado nor any of its 471 cities made any of the lists for regions and areas that spew out professional athletes. Those top awards went to places like St. Louis, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Ohio, Galveston and Pensacola just to name a few, but Denver was not among them.

Unfortunately, the list that Colorado did make was the top five states to produce the least amount of professional athletes, which you can bravely gander at below:

  1. New Mexico – (4 athletes per 100K residents)
    • MLB: 32
    • NBA: 7
    • NHL: 0
    • NFL: 45
    • 84 professional athletes
  2. Nevada – (4.5 athletes per 100K residents)
    • MLB: 53
    • NBA: 12
    • NHL: 1
    • NFL: 74
    • 120 professional athletes
  3. Arizona – (5.2 athletes per 100K residents)
    • MLB: 139
    • NBA: 18
    • NHL: 7
    • NFL: 212
    • 376 professional athletes
  4. Arkansas – (5.6 athletes per 100K residents)
    • MLB: 12
    • NBA: 2
    • NHL: 14
    • NFL: 13
    • 41 professional athletes
  5. Colorado – (5.7 athletes per 100K residents)
    • MLB: 100
    • NBA: 20
    • NHL: 18
    • NFL: 192
    • 330 professional athletes

Earning fifth place in this competition is at least better than grabbing a podium spot.

So, Coloradans, now that this unimpressive aspect of your state has been identified and you’re more aware of your place in the professional athlete-creating community, perhaps it’s time to at least add another leg day to your regiment.