DENVER (KDVR) — Statewide assessments are underway for several school districts, and it’s a time that can be stressful for kids, experts say.

Officials with the therapy network Sondermind say the company sees an increase in anxious and overwhelmed students this time of year. Oftentimes, kids may tell their parents about their feelings, but sometimes the feelings may be difficult for them to identify.

“Maybe they’re not sleeping as well,” Douglas Newton, Sondermind chief medical officer said. “They might tell you their palms or sweaty or they have a headache, things that we might think are sickness might be signs of anxiety.”

Newtown says signs of stress or anxiety can include:

  • Not sleeping well
  • Physical symptoms, similar to sickness
  • Acting out
  • Avoidance that is not typical

Newton says the way caregivers talk to kids about their accomplishments can help build their confidence to carry into future challenges.

“You want to give them praise and you really believe that they did a great job, but you don’t necessarily want to tie it to their self-worth all of the time,” Newton said. “It’s more around not who you are as a person, but what you were able to do as a person.”