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NORTHGLENN, Colo. (KDVR) — A young Colorado woman was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer nearly two weeks ago. As the 19-year-old’s family grapples with the devastating news, they’re doing everything they can to make her dreams come true, including a dream wedding that the community has stepped up to plan.

For Bailey Jones, the aggressive diagnosis has been debilitating, but she tells FOX31 that she will continue to fight and will stay positive as she gets ready to marry the man of her dreams. The Jones family is overwhelmed by the immense support from strangers who have now become a part of Bailey’s journey.

Bailey was a typical 19-year-old who loved hanging out with friends, painting and photography, but in just eight weeks her life took a debilitating turn.

“Can you help me?” Bailey said during an interview with FOX31.

She now needs some help from her big sister, Tiffany Jones, to communicate. Although hard to believe, it’s a new reality for the Jones family that’s brought unimaginable emotions. During the interview, we stopped as Bailey turned to her family in tears as they gathered around her with warm embraces and tissues.

Stroke-like symptoms lead to hospital stay

On April 14, Bailey was having stroke-like symptoms and was rushed to the hospital.

Bailey Jones at the hospital.

“She woke up and the right side of her face was drooping,” Tiffany said.

Bailey was initially admitted as a “stroke alert” patient, but that was ruled out. After weeks of testing and evaluations, doctors considered Bell’s palsy and multiple sclerosis after discovering a lesion on her brain during an MRI. Due to its location, doctors were hesitant to conduct a biopsy but had no choice. After waiting for the results of the biopsy, the worst news was delivered to the Jones family.

“On May 31, that’s when they came in and told us that she has grade 4 astrocytoma,” Tiffany said, fighting back tears. “I remember her coming home from the hospital. I mean, that’s my baby sister.”

According to the World Health Organization, grade 4, or glioblastoma, is the most aggressive form. The agency reports that “this tumor is a highly aggressive cancer, with pronounced brain invasion and destruction and very fast progression.” However, the Jones family is staying positive and hoping that their beloved Bailey will beat it with prayer and medical advancements.

Bailey says she’s already feeling the impact of the tumor.

“My speech (slurred) and my entire right side of my body is numb,” Bailey explained.

Helping Bailey live a lifetime of experiences

Tiffany is doing everything she can for her little sister, which includes a GoFundMe to make Bailey’s wishes come true. Near the top of the list is a dream wedding after Bailey’s boyfriend proposed two days after the diagnosis. Tiffany was tasked with planning a wedding for her sister in just 18 days. Tiffany posted in a Facebook group and the response was truly overwhelming.

Makeup artist Chloe Sauceda volunteered to do Bailey’s makeup for free.

“I saw a post on one of the wedding pages on Facebook,” Sauceda said. “I felt that in my heart that’s something that I wanted to do for her to make her day special. I just want Bailey to know that there’s a lot of people that care about her, that love her, and I hope that she feels that support from the community and that she’s important and we’re going to make this day special for her no matter what.”

Bailey Jones and her fiancé have an engagement photo shoot.

Others are stepping up to help as well. Tiffany received numerous inquiries for hair, nails, catering, videography and photography. Bailey and her soon-to-be husband took engagement pictures last week with the support of the community. The photoshoot allowed Bailey to scratch another item off her wish list: riding a horse, which is what she and her fiancé did in the pictures.

The bride-to-be also said “yes” to the dress already and is sporting a shiny new accessory on her ring finger. When FOX31 asked Bailey how it felt to be engaged, she laughed and said, “Good!”

Smiling through the tears, Tiffany is hoping by putting her sister’s story out that the right doctor sees it and can help her sister beat the cancer.

“It just takes that one,” Tiffany cried. “It just takes that one person to see it, that one doctor.”

Bailey’s father says doctors are shying away from surgery right now and Bailey will likely start chemotherapy in the coming. They’re hoping for a miracle.

Bailey shared that she is truly thankful for those who are helping her and supporting her dreams.

“Thank you,” Bailey said. “Stay positive.”

Bailey’s wedding is set for June 20 at 4 p.m. and she’s hoping to get more items crossed off her wish list, including a trip to the Bahamas. If you’d like to help, her GoFundMe is here.