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GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) — With so many people trying to stay cool this weekend, health workers are sending out warnings asking people to be careful and take precautions.

It was already heating up on Friday, with the weekend set to bring possible record-breaking temperatures.

FOX31 found a lot of people trying to stay cool and stay safe. There was a steady stream of traffic at Clear Creek in Golden, where many people were seeking a respite from the heat.

“Oh my God, this is unbelievable,” said Lila Herman, of Arvada. “At least you can feel the cool breeze off of the water here.”

It was nice and relaxing in the shade alongside the creek. But yellow flags were flying: It’s a warning that the creek is moving fast and can be dangerous.

A woman was pulled to safety by Park Ranger David Carnahan.

“She was probably as far out as that rock, but the current was pulling her down. I was able to deploy the throw bag and I reeled her in,” Carnahan said.

How to stay safe in the Colorado heat

The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment is asking people to consider staying out of the sun and in places with air conditioning, if possible. Fans, they say, may not do the job, so take cool showers to help stay safe.

The department also recommends drinking more water than usual.

Big crowds are expected in Golden this weekend, with triple-digit heat a possibility across the Denver metro. Park rangers will have their hands full as people try to stay cool on the creek.

“That’s why we highly recommend life jackets and helmets, because it can take you just like that,” Carnahan said.

The rangers also said that no alcohol or smoking is allowed along the creek.

People across the metro are also being asked to not forget about pets when it comes to this extreme heat. Don’t exercise them too much and make sure they too have adequate shelter and water.