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DENVER (KDVR) — Environmental Hazmat Services has signed on for two more years of cleaning up after homeless sweeps in Denver.

Denver city council members voted 11-2 to extend the contract on Monday.

The City of Denver has conducted more than 50 homeless sweeps just this year.

Environmental Hazmat Services homeless camp cleanup services include; removal of trash, safe disposal of chemicals and drug paraphernalia, safe disposal of bio-hazardous items such as blood and bodily fluids.

There is trash surrounding unsanctioned homeless encampments. Sidewalks are hard to pass in certain areas. The city has previously noted sanitation and health concerns. 

Denver officials said the city is sheltering roughly 3,000 people nightly, compared to the roughly 1,000 people living in unsanctioned homeless encampments. Since COVID hit, the city and its partners have been able to rehouse 1,831 households. More options are being formulated thanks to federal dollars — and various city funds — including a $30 million affordable housing fund, according to the city.