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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — FOX31 and Channel 2 continue to seek answers after a deadly shootout at a high school house party over the weekend.

This happened in Adams County just northeast of U.S. 36 and Pecos Street. One person was killed and seven others were hurt.

An early 2000s blue Chevrolet Tahoe is still out there and is a critical part of this investigation, according to investigators, as officials with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office actively search for the shooters.

District attorney on the shooting investigation

Brian Mason, the district attorney for the 17th Judicial District, represents Adams and Broomfield counties. He’s the man who will oversee this case if it ever ends up in court. But a lot must happen before then.

“I got called at 4:30 in the morning, approximately an hour after it happened, and the way it was relayed to me, multiple people were shot,” Mason said.

“We could have had mass casualties in this case. This was a very dangerous shooting,” he added, talking about this investigation first with FOX31.

He said the gun violence needs to stop and the blue Chevy Tahoe is a crucial part of this investigation.

“If you know who that blue Tahoe belongs to, please call the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. If you saw anything in the middle of the night, if you heard anything, if you heard anything since, about that blue Tahoe and who was in it, call the Adams County Sheriff’s Office,” he said.

Blue Tahoe allegedly involved in house party shooting
Blue Chevrolet Tahoe wanted in connection to house party shooting (Photo credit: Adams County Sheriff’s Office)

FOX31 has reached out to family members of the victim who died from the shooting. They are choosing not to talk at this time.

One thing remains clear, investigators want you to talk if you know anything about this shooting.