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DENVER (KDVR) – An online game now owned by the New York Times has been the focus of intrigue since it came into existence last fall, but now, the Colorado Chamber of Commerce has stepped up and provided the Colorado public a regionally focused alternative, designed to test their local know-how.

Shortly after Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer living in Brooklyn, the number of daily users peaked at 90. Fast forward to the early days of 2022 and Wardle’s creation, which he had designed to entertain his partner during the pandemic, registered over 300,000 plays on a single Sunday, according to the New York Times. They would go on to purchase the game from Wardle for an undisclosed figure later that month.

A Colorado alternative

Now, officials with the Colorado Chamber of Commerce have followed Wardle’s example and created a word-guessing game, only their version “highlights the state’s unique culture.”

“Coloradans are proud to live and work in a state with such a robust sense of community, love of the outdoors and vibrant way of life,” Chamber Vice President of Communications Cynthia Meyer said in a news release on Monday.

Meyer oversaw the development of the Colorado version of the game, in which players must guess a four-to-eight-letter word in six attempts.

Themes that will be used to generate words in Coloradle:

  • Popular Colorado activities
  • Landmarks and locations from across Colorado
  • Public figures
  • Colorado colloquialisms
  • Well-known businesses or brands from across the state

“Coloradle is a celebration of everything we love about the Centennial State,” Meyer said, “and an engaging way to show off your knowledge of all things Colorado!”

The puzzle is released daily at midnight and there is only one challenge released a day, meaning all players on a given day will receive the same word puzzle.

All you need to play this free game is a web browser and an appetite for testing how well you know the state.