DENVER (KDVR) — A Colorado favorite is back open. Hanging Lake was closed for more than a week due to high water levels that caused the trail to become a run-off river.

The Forest Service said that a combination of lower water flows and some key trail repairs has allowed Hanging Lake to reopen on Friday.

But remember, if you want to visit, you will still need to make a reservation. Hikers can make a reservation on the Glenwood Springs website. A reservation costs $12.

“We believe the water flows coming down Deadhorse Canyon have peaked, but hikers will still need to be prepared to encounter some water on the trail,” said Eagle-Holy Cross District Ranger Leanne Veldhuis.

On May 23, Hanging Lake was temporarily closed due to high run-off that made the trail look more like a river. Reservations that were made through June 2 were canceled and refunded.

The trail was closed again at the beginning of May due to a mudslide and running water that blocked access to the trailhead for two weeks.

“While we certainly have had challenges getting to Hanging Lake this spring, the lake itself has been unaffected and is as beautiful as ever,” Veldhuis said.

The Hanging Lake trail may now be open, but the Forest Service is still reminding hikers to be alert for the potential of falling rocks and other debris. With spring run-off continuing, hikers should be extremely careful around flowing water.