DENVER (KDVR) — More migrants are landing in Denver, but this time, they were sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Several dozen migrants were bused overnight from Texas and left at Civic Center Park and to the care of the city of Denver. The city got a 24-hour notice.

“So we did have some time to prepare, 41 folks did arrive on that bus,” said Jill Lis with the Denver Emergency Operations Center.

The migrants were processed as thousands of others have been, before being housed temporarily by the city. Responders work to learn whether they are just passing through are plan to stay in Denver.

But the city is still pleading for help with the response.

“Our resources are not infinite, and so we do need support from nonprofit partners in the city,” Lis said.

Hancock: Abbott ‘wants to chase cameras’

Political leaders in Colorado continue to ask Washington for money and policy that would help this situation — among them, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

“Governor Abbott has decided he wants to chase cameras,” Hancock said.

The Texas governor tweeted on Thursday the state would “continue busing migrants to self-declared sanctuary cities, like Denver, to provide relief for small border towns.”

“It’s nothing more than political theater,” Hancock said. “Buffoonery is what it is, and it’s really a very insensitive disingenuous act from someone who claims to be a servant of the people, and he really isn’t.”

Denver said it’s spent about $17 million on aid while only receiving $900,000 from Washington.

Since December, the city has received thousands of migrants.

“Not sure what the final numbers are today but we probably are around 10,000, maybe, 10,100,” Lis said.

They get temporary help and are then meant to move on to a permanent situation, most likely seeking asylum.

“Thirty days is a good amount of time to give people the opportunity to rest and to start making other plans and get connected to those resources,” Lis said. “And also, we need them to kind of move out, cycle through the shelter, so that we are making room for others that are coming.”

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’ office released a statement on the migrant situation, calling for more help from Washington.

A spokesperson for the governor said, in part: “The challenge requires problem-solving and collaboration between cities, states and the federal government, not politics as usual.”