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DENVER (KDVR) — It’s important to remain weather aware in the spring. With a chance of hail in the forecast for Wednesday, Pinpoint Weather Meteorologist Travis Michels anticipates strong storms pushing through this season.

“We had kind of a weaker spring season last year, weaker one prior to that. We might get some stronger storms as we head through this spring season, not necessarily tomorrow, but as we head through the spring season we need to pay attention. We could have some strong storms pushing through,” Michels said.

What to do if hail damages your car, home

Strong storms can produce hail, and often, the damage is unpreventable. If you end up with damage to your car or home, the first thing to do is check your insurance policy before filing a claim.

“Just to make sure what your deductible is and how much money you’ll be spending out of pocket if you file a claim,” said Kim Alire, with Risk Management Partners.

Alire said there’s often a separate deductible for wind and hail damage. Often the minimum is $2,500 and goes up from there.

“If it’s just a couple of dents, it might not be worth filing a claim for this particular storm,” Alire said.

If you’re unsure if you have hail damage, call a roofing company for a free inspection prior to filing your claim.

“Because once you file a claim with a carrier, it shows up as a claim whether they pay out or not,” Alire said.