LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — An acrylic paint artist that has been recognized by the Denver Art Museum three times as artist of the month has developed a very unique way of painting. Instead of using brushes, he uses his boots.

Born and raised in Guatemala, Rudi Monterroso escaped a civil war in 1992 and started a life in the United States.

“Almost died a couple times,” he said. “And it was probably the hardest experience of my life.”

He left a dangerous place with no possessions. But he did take with him his desire to create.

“I really like doing a lot of different things to keep myself busy and entertained,” Monterroso said.

When Monterroso paints, he doesn’t use a brush. He uses his boots.

“I was painting a lot, and started to develop tendinitis and carpal tunnel in my wrist and my elbow to the point that I could not hold brushes anymore,” Monterosa said.

Monterosso used to be a flamenco dancer, and the idea of boots instead of brushes just came naturally.

“I started to create splashes, and just connecting to the combination of the process of dancing and painting,” he said.

This process of Monterosso‘s art has turned into an art of its own, performance art. And if that is not enough for you, how about the fact that this artist is colorblind. For real.

“I trained my brain not to try to understand color. I’m just having fun with it,” Monterosso said.

Art never sounded so good.